Configuring Firefox on Windows for off-campus access

*** For security purposes remote access is restricted to terminal services mode.  No company data is allowed to leave the server, remote printing is prohibited, and no local drive/USB redirection is permitted during your session. ***

Firefox requires Java to connect to DENSO.  Download and install the latest version of Java.

– -At any time, you can click to zoom on any of these screenshots- –

1.  Open Firefox and on the address line type and press enter.   This window will appear. Click the Portal link.


2.  The remote access portal home page will display where you will find various instructions on how to connect and a link to login to the portal.  Click the “Portal Login” link as seen below.

3.  You will see the Portal login screen.  Log in with your network username and in the password field follow the instructions below.
3.1.  The password is your 4 digit Pin Number that was given to you by NAITS and the number that is displayed on your SecurID Card.

4.  After you have successfully logged in, you will see the portal home screen shown below.  Click Connect to see the list of approved applications.

5.  Your browser will attempt to run a Java applet for the SNX client, you may seen a security warning, if so click “Don’t Block”

6.  The SSL Network Extender window will display.  Click the affiliate specific Remote Desktop link.

7.  Your network username and password are now required to connect.  The top window below will display.  Enter your username in the format tac\username (use your usename), and then enter your network password.  The bottom window below is an example of how it should look.



8. If successful, you are now connected and can work remotely.

9.  Be sure to logoff your remote session when you are done.  This can be completed by clicking Start -> Logoff.

note:  Clicking the X to close the window does not log you off and should not be done.

Portal Login

Connecting with remote access

If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please call the NAITS Help Line at 269.565.8301.