Configuring iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices for off-campus access

*** For security purposes remote access from any portable device is restricted to terminal services mode.  No company data is allowed to leave the server, remote printing is prohibited, and no local drive/USB redirection is permitted during your session. ***

The setup and installation is broken down into three parts

  • Installation (both Checkpoint Mobile VPN & Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)
  • Configuration
  • Connection

Installation (Checkpoint Mobile VPN and Microsoft Remote Desktop)

1.  To connect to the DENSO network from an iOS device you will need two apps from the Apple App Store.  The first of which is required, the second is your choice.  As with any mobile application, it becomes more of a personal preference as to which one you choose.  We will recommend one that is tested and approved, but you are not limited to using the app we recommend.  However if you use an app that is one other than what we recommend, we will not support it so use at your own risk.  Download and install the following.

Required Recommended
Download Checkpoint Mobile VPN Download 2X Client
Download Capsule Connect VPN Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

Configuration (Capsule VPN)

– -At any time, you can click to zoom on any of these screenshots- –

1.  Assuming you have installed the two apps in the installation section, you should find two icons on your iOS home screen that look like this.

iOS RD 00


2.  Launch the Capsule Connect app   iOS RD 00a

and you will see this screen, touch “Enable”.  Then touch “Create New Site”.


iOS RD 01 _____________________________________________________________________iOS RD 02______________________________________________________________________


3.  Next you will see this screen.  Click the barcode button at the top right.

iOS RD 03 __________________________________________________________________________


4.  Scan this barcode as seen here.  If you are on your iPad while following these instructions you won’t be able to scan this barcode.  If so ignore scanning the barcode and touch this link to import the configuration and proceed to step 5.



The necessary configuration is now complete to connect the VPN to DENSO.


Configuration (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)


Assuming you have installed the two apps in the installation section, you should find two icons on your iOS home screen that look like this.


iOS RD 00


5.  Launch the “Microsoft Remote Desktop Client” app  iOS RD Client 05


and you will see the following screen.  Touch the + sign to add a connection.

iOS RD Client 06


6.  Select “Add PC or Server”.

iOS RD Client 07


7.  Configure the Host Name or IP address field as seen with YOUR company’s IP address.  Note:  These are specific for each affiliate so choose the correct address (below).







iOS RD Client 08


iOS RD Client 09


8.   After you save the setup, the necessary configuration to connect to the DENSO Terminal Server is complete.


The connect process is a two step process.  First is the VPN that connects your iOS device to DENSO, and second the remote desktop application which connects you to the terminal server.  This process needs to happen each time you want to connect to DENSO.


Step 1


1.  From the home screen of your iOS device, touch the Mobile VPN app   iOS RD 00a.

In the screenshot below fill in the fields with your network userid, RSA 4 digit PIN, and RSA SecurID tokencode.

touch “Connect”.


iOS RD 07



2.  When the connection is complete you will see the following.

iOS RD 05




 Step 2


** We recommend rotating your tablet to landscape before you connect, the connection to DENSO  is much more user friendly in landscape view. **


1.  From the home screen of your iOS device,  iOS RD Client 05

touch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client app and select the server icon that was created in earlier step.


iOS RD Client 09


2.  In the User Name section be sure to input your username in the format tac\usernamewhere uername is your actual network userID.  Touch “done” in the upper right corner.  First time setup will encounter the Verification screen. Touch “Accept”.

iOS RD Client 12

iOS RD Client 13


3.  If you logged in successfully, you will see the desktop of the terminal server and may being working remotely.

If you are having trouble finding the on screen keyboard, touch the keyboard button at the top.


iOS RD Client 14

4.  Be sure to logoff your remote session when you are done.  This can be completed by clicking Start -> Logoff.
note:  Hitting the home button to close the window does not properly log you off and should not be done.
To disconnect the VPN you also need to visit the staus window of your tablet and click disconnect the Checkpoint Mobile VPN.

Portal Login

Connecting with remote access

If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please call the NAITS Help Line at 269.565.8301.