Connecting to the DENSO network remotely

Today’s flexible workforce requires flexible computing.  There are a variety of choices available to connect to the internet, therefore device and/or browser-specific configuration is required to access DENSO’s network.  Refer to the instruction links on the right side of this page for various operating systems and web browsers.

For specific questions about remote access, contact NAITS at x-3000.  Any support needed will be given during regular business hours.  This will only include problems with the DENSO network.

  • You are responsible for the RSA SecurID, pin number and it’s security.  It is property of DENSO and will be returned should you leave the company.
  • Your RSA SecurID and PIN number are not to be used by anyone other than yourself.
  • You should report any lost SecurID IMMEDIATELY.
  • Cards will expire every 5 years and must be renewed.

For answers to common questions please read the remote access FAQ.

Portal Login

Connecting with remote access

If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please call the NAITS Help Line at 269.565.8301.