Help with RSA New Pin Mode

If you find that after you login to the portal, it says that your token is in new PIN mode you must create a new PIN.  The procedure below will create one for you.

1.  The portal login screen shown below, enter your network userID and in the password field only enter the passcode on the token.


2.  The portal notices your token is in new PIN mode and asks you if you want to create a new PIN.  You must enter “y” to start the process.  Note:  If you say no you will not be able to login until you complete the new PIN mode process.


3.  You have a choice, you can answer “y” to have the system create you a PIN, or answer “n” to create your own.


4.  If you answered no, create a PIN.


5.  This message confirms the PIN has been created successfully.


6.  The new PIN mode process is complete and you may now connect to network remotely as normal.


Portal Login

Connecting with remote access

If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please call the NAITS Help Line at 269.565.8301.