Configuring Microsoft Edge for off-campus access

Windows 10 comes bundled with a new internet browser called Microsoft Edge.  For remote access purposes, Edge is slated to be supported in Q4 2015, until then you will need to use Internet Explorer.

Below is how to find Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

1)  Open Microsoft Edge by clicking the E on the taskbar or Start Menu.

2)  Navigate to the DENSO remote access portal by typing and hit enter and wait for the webpage to load.

3)  Once you are on the remote access website, at the top right click the … menu and click “Open With Internet Explorer”


4)  Internet Explorer will open and you can continue with the Internet Explorer instructions to connect remotely to the network.

Portal Login

Connecting with remote access

If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please call the NAITS Help Line at 269.565.8301.